"Poignant," "surprising," "consistently engrossing"

A seemingly straightforward animal welfare case proves to be much more complex in For the Birds, a poignant documentary in which all the collateral damage is human. Richard Miron follows the story as it spirals from comic eccentricity to heartbreak...

His very promising feature debut remains consistently engrossing through unexpected developments. He even surprises us with the sense of renewal and hope…

— Allan Hunter, Screen Daily

“Riveting” and “insightful”

The film marks one of those exciting moments when you realize that for as an unbelievable true story unfolds before your eyes, it’s as remarkable, if not more so, that the right film crew was around to do it justice.

— Stephen Saito, Moveable Fest

"Deeply humanistic... it's a film not to be missed."

Captivating... a gripping tale, and the film’s greatest achievement may be how it methodically changes our perception of its protagonist.

— Noah Gittell, Washington City Paper

"Profound" and "memorable"

This splendid first film makes Richard Miron a definite talent to watch for in the future.

— Jay Berg, Film Festival Today

"Observational cinema at its very best"

For the Birds succeeds brilliantly in spreading our sympathies across all parties and perspectives, dividing our loyalties up to the very end.

— Chris Reed, Hammer To Nail